Your Business Process

Automate your internal business process to save more time and enable your employees to do work that matters

How We Work

Conceptualize Your process

Get creative and brainstorm the best business process to provide your customers from a team with 7 years of combined experience in business process automation.

Standardize and Document

Our services include business process documentation for different industries. The task is simple: after we conceptualize your process, we will secure a sign-off from you before we start the documentation.

Establish an awesome process that your Employees will love

There have been countless organizations who have always acquired the best systems, but have not accounted for the user experience, which results in a waste in process and oeprations. Our customized systems in the platform will ensure that your employees are happy with what they are going to use.

Our Services

o365 Business Process Automation

Our team specializes in automating your internal business process by leveraging the o365 platform for approvals and procedures.

With a vast experience of handling on-premise SharePoint projects to developing creative solutions to SharePoint online with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps, our team ensures that all the deployments we do to your business process is within industry standards.

Business Process Standardization

Our business process standardization service is aimed at the general enterprise audience, with our team identifying and documenting your current process, finding out what the your pain points in the process are, and create a solid document for you that you can take anywhere to automate and scale.

Web Presence Automation and Strategy

Our team also has a vast experience in the web design and development covered by our standardized process in the creative and development phases of our project. 

Our web design and development service will ensure you get the fastest loading speed while having the best user experience in mind for your website, and our strategy will be your blueprint for customer success and loyalty

"I can't believe my website can be more attractive and beautiful than when I built it myself before. Kudos to Technograffy for the great makeup of our new website. Our clients absolutely love it!"

reliable. functional. secure.

Automating your business has never been this exciting.